About MB

This blog is written by me, Miquiel Banks.

I am based in the United States and this blog is my Life’s work and Calling.

MB is an eccentric talent from the SWATS section of ATL.

Raised in the famous Kings Ridge Apartments, my teen years were polished with the normal ATL fervor (Jellybeans skating rink, the Fresh Party, Westgate Theatre, The Gold Mine, and the Rainbow Arcade).

I’ve climbed the scales of Hip Hop from Beatboxing to Breakdancing to Graffiti Tagging to Rapper to Music Producer to Full-Scale Multimedia Artist.

Like most artists, I fought with several names (Eternal, Sage, Sage-El) and finally settled on being himself: Miquiel Banks.

MB calls to mind many things, but I encompasses the best of opposing forces:

  • Both rustic and sophisticated.

  • Both educated and simple.

  • Both esoteric and exoteric.

From Haywood Studios to Patchwerks to DARP Studios to Bosstown Studios to the Funk Shop, I lived the night life, hanging out with Kelvin Walton, DJ Smash, Da Black Man, DJ Stan, DJ Cooly C, Mike Fresh, DJ Toomp, Akon, Devyne, the Hard Boys, 90 MPH, Kool-Ace, Raheem the Dream, Sam Salter, Monica, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Ecstasy (Whodini), Yakira (Vocal Coach), Tony Terry, Seven, and many other artists.

Corporate Milestons

  • Artistic Achievement and Recognition

  • 2024 Hip Hop Studies Summit, Community Exhibition

  • Pyramids & Hieroglyphs: Hip Hop as Monument

  • (5 Graffiti Tags Selected)

  • Artistic Achievement and Recognition

  • 2024 Hip Hop Studies Summit, Community Exhibition

  • Pyramids & Hieroglyphs: Hip Hop as Monument

  • (4 Graffiti Tags Selected)

  • Artistic Achievement and Recognition

  • 2023 Hip Hop Studies Summit, Community Exhibition, Video

  • (1 Video Selected)

  • Hip Hop Remix of “On Bended Knee” by Boyz II Men, Supporting Kaepernick (2017)

  • Receives Certificate from Strayer University (Contracts and Acquisitions)

  • Makes HBCU History in the AUC by doing the First VIRTUAL HOMECOMING for Morris Brown College in October 2023


Creates Slogans, Taglines, and Edits Pitch Deck for Caletta Harris (Award-Winning Writer and Director of the Documentary Series NO ADDRESS, now streaming on TUBI and Amazon Prime Video)

  • Writes the most Popular LinkedIn Article Database on The Matrix and the Terminator and gets over 1,000 Subscribers

  • Pitches, Conceives, Writes, and Publishes Award-Winning Guest Blog Series on the Mindjet Blog

  • Creates, Designs, and Delivers Visual Dashboard with Jabil Executive Approval and Apple Certification

  • Writes and Delivers Legal and Technical Documentation for Slot Machine Approval (Las Vegas, Oklahoma, and Atlantic City NJ)

  • Chosen as Book Editor for Sophia Stewart’s Book, Matrix 4 The Evolution: Cracking the Genetic Code

  • Mindjet Mappie Award Winner

  • International and Federal Award-Winning Technical Writer

  • (Two Documents approved by the FAA in one week, subsequently approved by the JAA)

  • Amazon - #1 Bestselling Author in eBooks, Screenwriting (4 times)

  • Provides Administrative Support, Character Sheets, Pitch Deck, and other Screenwriting Content for Award-Winning Film by Michael Marks (Angel of Hate)

  • Designs and builds Interactive CD-ROM (approved by the FAA and the Department of Defense)

  • Publishes an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • Award-Winning Newspaper Editor (The Wolverine Observer - Morris Brown College - Historic HBCU)

  • Graduates with a B.A in English Language and Literature, Minor in Journalism, from Historic HBCU (Morris Brown College, Atlanta GA)

  • Award-Winning Newspaper Editor (The Wolverine Observer - Morris Brown College - Historic HBCU)

  • Award-Winning Newspaper Editor (The Wolverine Observer - Morris Brown College - Historic HBCU)

  • Selected as the Editor-in-Chief for the Morris Brown Newspaper (The Wolverine Observer) after being dormant for the past 50 years

  • Reporter for Georgia State University Signal Newspaper

  • United States Army Decorated Desert Storm Veteran (National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Southeast Asia Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars)

My Days as Sage-El (Hip Hop)

Spiritual Ambition Gives Everyone Eternal Life

Hip Hop Milestones

  • Undefeated and Legendary Beatboxer (RockMiquiel)

  • Recorded the first freestyle performance in Kings Ridge Apartments with Kool-Ace and DJ Stan (in Stan's apartment)

  • The beatboxer for Kool-Ace when he performed at the Pool in Kings Ridge Apartments

  • Best friends with Kool-Ace and Rapp Opera Man (the first Hip Hop Opera Duo in ATL History)

  • Created over 100 beats as a Beatboxer and it was documented by Da Black Man (Avery Blanton)

  • Attended the Therrell High School Talent Show where F.D.C. beat out Kool-Ace and Raheem, Broken Arms and Crooked Legs, and Hot Gritz and No Eggz.

  • Battled Dr. Ice in the Greenbriar Turtle's Record Store while he was promoting UTFO's Debut Album in 1985

  • Joseph Shorter and I are the only TWO Hip Hop Cats that rocked Latin Rascals Mixtapes back in the mid 80s

  • I was breakdancing when Planet Rock dropped back in 1982

  • I have the only recording of Kool-Aid's debut song (Kool, Smooth, Fresh as can be), which was recorded back in 1984 as a Duo, Kool-Ace and Rapp Opera Man, which makes him the 2nd Hip Hop Artist to release a song after MOJO (Yes, this was before Raheem released Raheem the Dream and Eliminator)

  • I was breaking in Therrell High School Parties when DJ Toomp was unknown to the world and had not signed any recording deals

  • I was breaking in the SWATS when DJ Chauncey (touted as being better than Toomp) came to fame and drove around the SWATS in his PRIMED VW Beetle, along with his younger brother Marquis (the greatest headspinner in SWATS History)

  • I was the first ATL breakdancer in the SWATS to master the 1990

  • I created the Breakdance Move called The Elevator

  • I created the Breakdance Move called the Hand Hop

  • I wrote a Slogan Hip Hop Anthem Song (Coca-Cola) before Run D.M.C. made their song My Adidas

  • I set a record for Freestyle Rapping by freestyling from Kings Ridge to Greenbriar Mall and then over to West Gate Theatre (by crossing 166 Shawdy)

  • I was in the Studio (on Campbellton Road) when Raheem recorded Eliminator on Campbellton Road

  • I rapped freestyle in the U.S. Army by doing a rendition of Kool Moe Dee's song (The Wild Wild Third) and he did this several times and we became known as The Wild Wild 3rd (Fort Jackson SC)

  • I was the first rapper to make a song about Morris Brown College (yes, even before Outkast)

  • I was managed by the Godfather of CRUNK (Carlos Glover, the Manager for Curtom Records) and Chris Rock (Famed Bass Producer, not the Comedian)

  • I was in the Studio when Da Black Man started recording his debut album (early 90s)

  • I went on tour with Splack Pack (I was being managed by Chris Rock, not the comedian, the BASS Producer)

  • I recorded several songs by Bread and Water, the ATL Legends that produced 2pac (DJ Twin is still spinning at Grown Folks on Old National Highway)

  • I recorded my first Bass Demo Song with D Most Def, Grammy-Award Winning Engineer for Outkast

  • I was in the Studio when Gemini returned from recording "My Boo" for Jermaine Dupri

  • I was in the Studio when Devyne Stephens brought in AKON as an unsigned and unknown artist

  • I hung out with Pops (Bobby Brown's Father) at Bosstown Studios

  • I was a Runner-Up in the ATL Hip Hop Freestyle Competition (mid 90s)

  • I was part of the Funk Shop Crew (Slick Nick, Devyne Stephens) that choreographed for the entire East Coast Hip Hop Family (Rowdy Records, Flavor Unit, Motown Records, Bad Boy Records, Bosstown, DARP Studios, Tim and Bob)

  • I was the one who drove Slick Nick (F.D.C., 90 MPH) to see L.A. Reid at LaFace Records for a Choreography job, but Nick declined, and Devyne Stephens took the job and BLEW UP after that

  • I recorded my debut album in Tyrone GA with tracks from D Most Def, Award-Winning Engineer for Outkast

  • I played basketball at Run N Shoot and hung out with Local Celebrities (Ecstasy of Whodini, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Sam Salter of LaFace Records, Q of 112, ReignDrop - famed sister of Left Eye of TLC)

  • I was part of the Cypher Circle in Tampa FL (Redvoid, Rashid, Miquiel, Funky49, Mr. Bongos) that was held by Redvoid for Studio Nights

  • I beatboxed on stage alongside Funky49 and Redvoid down in Ybor City (Tampa FL)

  • I was hanging out in Soundwave Studios/Entertainment (the Producer was one of Diddy's Producers on Bad Boy) with Tony Terry and Seven (Isaac Lee)

  • I have personally created tracks in every DAW known to Man

  • I have written beats and lyrics to over 500 Original Hip Hop Songs

  • I am still YEEKING 40 years after this Hip Hop Dance style debuted back in 1984