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Finish your Book Today!

Are you a Writer who wants to write a book, but doesn't know where to start?

Do you have an idea for a book, but don't know where how to develop it?

Do you want to master the Book Writing Process?

The Benefits:

  • Learn about the Four Sacred Duties as a Writer
  • Avoid the Four Common Mistakes all Newbies make
  • Learn about the Four Writing Truths
  • Learn about the Four Writing Tools that will help you become a Story Alchemist
  • Avoid the Four Prejudices of the Writing Industry

What People Are Saying about MB:

Miquiel Banks is a visionary systems thinker with skills that can be most valuable for story analysis and construction, no matter the genre or style. Miquiel fits that description of the archetype of the Magician as: “Someone who sees patterns where others do not see them and creates patterns where none existed before.” His work will give you the story-teller a stronger foundation for the basis of your story as it relates to universal themes, with many examples for you to explore. His ability to see both the big picture and the small bits can help you identify what works and what does not in the complex system that is Story. Plus he’ll offer specific suggestions on how to make it all work better. Consult with Miquiel and you’ll gain solid tools you can use in all your other story-telling projects.

Pamela Jaye Smith (Mythologist, author, international speaker-consultant, award-winning writer-director-producer)

Miquiel's Editorial skills are proficient and he is immaculate in his precision. He ensures that your work is done correctly and, most times, your work goes to another level with his story insight. I would highly recommend Miquiel's services to help with your books and your scripts. Out of all the Editors and Book Doctors and Story Theorists on this planet, there's a reason I chose Miquiel to proofread and edit my latest book, Matrix 4 The Evolution: Cracking the Genetic Code. I only collaborate with the best in the business!

Sophia Stewart (Owner, Creator, and Author of The Matrix and Terminator Franchises)

Miquiel Banks is a hard working, critical thinking communicator who has never ever given up striving for truth and reason. May God bless him always.

Stanley D. Williams, The Moral Premise

Miquiel Banks did an exceptional job in editing the pitch deck for my documentary series entitled, NO ADDRESS. It was professionally done, with a quick turnaround time and now ready to market to the film industry. I highly recommend his company in handling any of your marketing needs!

Caletta Harris, Reel2Real Productions

Miquiel is a known mind mapping expert and MindManager super-user. So it was our pleasure to be able to have his content published on the MindManager blog. Miquiel approached us with a unique topic pitch, drafted all content to a high quality, and added a creative flair that was unique and customer-focused. If you're looking for a passionate and energetic content creator, Miquiel is your guy and I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to others.

Julie Harrison, Director of Marketing, Corel

I worked with Miquiel on a blog series for the MindManager Blog that outlined how business owners can use mind maps and information visualization to manage their work, their companies, and their life. Miquiel was very responsive, quick, and thorough in his work, and provided us with an invaluable series for our blog readers. He's a skilled writer and a great storyteller.

Brendan McConnell, B2B Content Marketing Manager, Corel