What is a Story Bible?

#content #culture #definition Jul 28, 2022
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A Story Bible is a Planning Document that is created by Writers who want to pitch a TV Series.

The Story Bible contains some or all of the following:

  • Story Ideas, Concepts, and Notes
  • Story Locations
  • Episode Ideas, Concepts, and Synopses
  • Character Bios


A Story Bible’s length is open to interpretation and can range from 1 page up to hundreds of pages.

Any more statements will cause a debate not worth having.

NOTE: A Story Bible is as long as you need it to be.


A Story Bible cannot be classified as either Fiction, Non-Fiction, or a Hybrid Document.

Structure (Narrative and Story Development)

Not Applicable.

Structure (Stylistic and Literary Purpose)

Not Applicable

Purpose (Before the TV Series is Launched)

The Show Bible is an organic or inorganic database and/or repository of all notes and metadata relating to the TV Series.

Purpose (After a TV Series is Launched)

After a TV Show is launched, the Show Bible is used to keep track of details about the theme, concepts, ideas, settings, symbols, images, codes, and character details to preserve continuity.

Stuff to Know

  • A Story Bible is also known as a Show Bible.
  • In modern times, Novelists and Bloggers are using the Story Bible as a tool to help provide continuity in Novel Series or Blog Series.
  • It boggles the mind that the Story Bible is not used in the world of Comic Books where Series and Seasons are normal.
  • (MY PREDICTION) I am certain in the near future, the Story Bible will branch off into Investigative Journalism, Comic Books, Concept CDs, Journals, Diaries, Technical Bulletins, White Papers, Case Studies, Scientific Papers, Essays, and Research Papers.
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