What is a Screenplay?

#content #culture #definition Jul 26, 2022
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Background Information

This blog is about a Professional Screenplay, not just any type of Screenplay.


NOTE: A Screenplay’s length is determined by the number of pages rather than the word count.

A Professional Screenplay ranges from 90 to 150 pages.


A Screenplay is a written work for a film, television show, or other moving media.

It is considered the blueprint for a movie.

It is written in a specific format to distinguish between characters, action lines, and dialogue.

Structure (Narrative and Story Development)

A Screenplay is a form of narration in which the movements, actions, expressions and dialogue of the characters are described in a certain format; visual or cinematographic cues, scene descriptions, and scene changes.

Structure (Stylistic and Literary Purpose)

A more masterful screenwriter will utilize this format to create a Global Myth that will elevate our Society to a higher level.

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