What is a Poem?

#content #culture #definition Jul 20, 2022
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A Poem’s length varies from one word up to several thousand.


A Poem is a form of literature, usually written, that began as an oral tradition.

In its earliest rendition, a Poem was used to maintain cultural mores, historical facts, spiritual values, communal values, universal laws, communal insights, and psychological insights.

Over time, a poem evolved from conveying information and maintaining social/communal values to evoking emotion and, in this capacity, its uses skyrocketed into every conceivable facet of human society.


A Poem can be written, spoken, sung, and/or performed.

It can be Fiction, Non-Fiction, or some other unknown distinction.

It is elastic and can morph and take the form of any other literary genre, discipline, property, or device.

KEY POINT: It is MORE PROPER to state that a Poem is defined by the Author and/or Performer’s intention for its expression.

Structure (Narrative and Story Development)

As a purely written art form, a Poem’s language and word sequences are chosen and arranged for their meaning, sound, and rhythm.

Structure (Stylistic and Literary Purpose)

In its modern context, a Poem has transmuted from a strictly written art form into a performance art (Spoken Word), allowing the words, its narrator, music, other performers, and various props to focus the audience’s attention on the performance rather than the meaning of the words.

As a written literary art form, it is unlimited and its expression is only limited by the author’s consciousness and aptitude for creativity.

KEY POINT: As a performance art, a Poem will evolve along with Technology and its elastic nature will allow it to intertwine other disciplines to create an entirely new way of expression for the human condition.

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