What is a Novel?

#content #culture #definition Jul 19, 2022
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A Novel’s length varies from 50,000 to 100,000 words.

Also, a Novel’s word count fluctuates and typically depends on the demands of its genre and/or sub-genre.


A Novel is Nonfiction (via tradition).

However, due to several authors challenging the genre and/or the audience’s demands for new material, new genres have appeared and expanded the Novel’s Reach (Narrative Fiction to Investigative Journalism to Magical Realism to Creative Nonfiction).

Structure (Narrative and Story Development)

A Novel is usually long and complex and deals with the human experience and/or condition through a sequence of events, which can be connected.

Structure (Stylistic and Literary Purpose)

A Novel typically concentrates on plot and plotting techniques and its mood and atmosphere are typically treated as background elements.

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