What is a Movie Review?

#content #culture #definition Jul 29, 2022
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A Movie Review is an Antiquated Propaganda Device, utilized by the Movie Studios and Newspapers, to drive Moviegoers to view certain movies.

It is often thought of and foolishly accepted as a Critic’s response or analysis of a Film, but the new Standard, the Movie Breakdown, has shown this to be a fallacy.

Because of its short length, it is unthinkable to consider the Movie Review as an analytical tool to fully encompass the complexity of a Great Film or Global Myth.

And Finally, due to Fake News, the Movie Review should be laid to rest, forgotten, and buried.


A Movie Review’s length varies from one paragraph to several paragraphs. 


A Movie Review is Non-Fiction and written in narrative prose.

Structure (Narrative and Story Development)

A Movie Review often includes the following:

  • Hook
  • General Summary
  • Narrator’s Opinion
  • Evaluation of Movie Elements
  • Conclusion

Structure (Stylistic and Literary Purpose)

Aimed as a Analytic tool, the Movie Review’s purpose revolves around the Narrator’s stylistic approach to explaining whether this is a good movie or not.

Stuff to know

A Movie Review is synonymous with a Film Review.

A Movie Review is NOT long enough to capture the complexity of a Great Film or Global Myth.

A Movie Review CAN capture a Bad or Undeveloped Movie.

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