The Sophia Code

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The quest for the Holy Grail is literally the quest to kneel before the bones of Mary Magdalene. A journey to pray at the feet of the outcast one, the sacred feminine.
- The Teacher


Hello, My name is Robert Langdon and many of you know me from my previous lecture on the Da Vinci Code, but today, I come to you with a deeper insight into our ancient past.

Today, I share with you a retelling of the truth because of the world’s recent events.

Do Black Lives Matter?

In today’s lecture, we are going on a journey, a journey that many made before us, but they fell victim to their historical schizophrenia.

Trapped in their Egos, locked in their manhood, cornered in their patriarchy.

Today, I will present absolute proof of our distant past and the TRUE HOLY GRAIL.

In my previous lecture, I laid off truth and pointed us toward a deeper insight into Mary Magdalene, but my recent research reveals a deeper truth.

Mary Magdalene is a cover story for a deeper and more profound Idea.

The idea that the Holy Grail is not a woman, but a divine principle.

Her name is Sophia and today, we will take a Grail Quest to reclaim the wisdom of Great Sophia and her connection to the Pleroma.

Remember, our reality is based on two principles, the blade (Masculine) and the Chalice (Feminine).

Now, let us begin.


Symbols are a language that can help us understand our past.

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but which words?

What do you think of when you see these images?

They would argue with you in Spain because there, these are robes worn by Priests.

What about this image?

Many would argue with you because this is Poseidon’s Trident, a symbol of power for many.

What about these images?

This is not Christianity or the Madonna or Child, this is Auset and Heru, an ancient Egyptian symbol that goes back thousands of years.

What about these images?

You are wrong again, these are ancient Eastern symbols connected with Divinity.

Since this is not resonating with many of you, how about this?

Look at this image of Abraham Lincoln, no problem right?

Now, we have a problem because you believe in Illusions and Lies.

This is NOT truth, not even close.

This is what Abraham Lincoln ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE.

How about this image?

You've been told this is Nikola Tesla, well you believe in Lies and Illusions and you are NOT WOKE.

This is what Tesla REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

Now do I have your attention?

As I told you in my previous lecture, understanding our past determines our ability to understand the present.

So, how do we sift truth from belief?

How do we write our own histories, personally or culturally, and thereby, define ourselves?

How do we penetrate years, centuries, of historical distortion to find original truth?

We begin as always, with the scene of the crime.

The Crime

In the ancient world, truth was shared by all cultures and she was clothed in different attire, but always, she stood out front as the beacon of truth.

In Egypt, she was both Ma’at and Auset (Isis).

However, a group of Barbarians tired of the prevalence of truth and balance and hid the beacon away from the world.

They hated the Sacred Feminine (Chalice) and they conjured an incredible plot.

They would rid the world of TRUTH (balance between Feminine and Masculine) and replace it with PERVERSION (Only Masculine) and it would be done in Eight easy steps.

Step 1 - Create Perversion to bypass Truth

The first step was to attack and degrade the Sacred Feminine.

In order to convince people to consider their views, they created a new world order (Good and Evil) and left the old world order (Order and Chaos).

Under the new world order, they created new ways of thinking that atrophied truth to a dim illusion - the concept of Perversion.

Under Perversion, they instituted new ways of being (Master and Slave) and they deduced that to enslave the others, they must must keep them distracted.

Is there any wonder why the paths they chose to validate their perversions (Education, Philosophy, Logic, etc.) are called FIELDS?

That’s right, slaves are kept in the fields to stop the arousal of discovering truth.

After degrading Sophia (Truth) with philosophical discourse, they changed the Divine Family from the structure of TRUTH to the structure of PERVERSION.

Step 2 - Remove Women from the Divine Realms

Under the new world order, there is no Divine WOMAN, only Man.

And yes, they LIED to US.

It is NOT the same on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Look at the image below.

They replaced the Mother with the general word Spirit, just to get rid of WOMAN from the Divine Realm.

And to add insult to injury, they promoted the Son to replace the Mother’s Place.

As a FINAL NOTE, they ensured that the MASCULINE (Father) matches.

Can you Imagine what this does to the Female Psyche????

Step 3 - Leave Spirituality and create Religion

Now that Perversion was created and women were removed, they left Spirituality and created a new perversion - Religion.

As a result, they renamed all previous forms of wisdom and insights as Paganism (to degrade their importance, authenticity, and truth).

Step 4 - Blame Women for the World’s Problems

Under original truth, it was the SACRED FEMININE that delivered Humanity from Ignorance, but under the new regime, WOMAN was accused of ORIGINAL SIN.

Still upset about her sacredness, they CHARGED women with the heresy of being divine (The Occult, Gypsies, Witch Hunts, etc.) and banned her from her original place as our SAVIOR.

Step 5 - Create a Male Savior

After desecration of the SACRED FEMININE, they created a NEW SAVIOR that would be MASCULINE in Nature, a MALE SAVIOR.

Step 6 - Sophia Fights Back

While they began their global conquest, Sophia and the Sacred Feminine continued to thrive in several areas.

These groups congregated globally as “WISDOM” cried out to the masses from the city streets, but they were DRUNK on RELIGION and PATRIARCHY.

Unable to silence Sophia, the Primary Archetype/Prototype for the Sacred Feminine, the Barbarians started new campaigns:

  • Globalism
  • Empire-Building
  • Religion Wars

As they traveled the globe and murdered all the Gnostic (Sophia) sects, their obsessive behavior led to a brutal form of Evangelism - The Crusades.

Step 7 - Sanctify the Barbarians

After they murdered all the Sophist Sects, they set up the first social media hate groups (The Church) and renamed their historical generals (Murderers) with a new salutation - Saint.

Step 8 - Rid the world of Black History

Today, I stand before you as a reformed Knight and I will share the truth in its raw essence.

You have been looking at the world through a small hole and now, it’s time for you to PEER into an Open Corridor.

What if I told you that before Greece and Rome, the world was COMPLETELY BLACK in Nature?

That’s right, when you go back and look at ancient societies and cultures, they were all black cultures.

This is the last step to whitewashing the world - obscure the ancient truth of the Original People.

Let’s go back in history and eye the data from a different vantage point.

Ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, The Persians, Hopi, Seminoles, Washitaw, The Babylonians, The Egyptians, The Olmecs, The Mayans, The Aztecs, The Native Americans (Indians), The Vikings, The Druids, and the people on Easter Island.

What if you discovered all these people were Black?

Then, let’s take a deeper dive.

What if I told you that Greece and Rome were the first group of people to participate in Conquests, Globalism, and Empire-Building?

So, the story of our Modern World is this.

Black People build civilizations and then the Barbarians show up and destroy everything and the Black People pack up and leave and go somewhere else.

That’s it, that’s all that is going on in Modern History.

Look at these facts:

  • Did you know that Mexico was started by Black People?
  • Did you know that California was named after a Black Woman?
  • Did you know that Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics have been found in the Grand Canyon, Ohio, and all over the US?
  • Did you know that Black people first built Egypt in Mexico and after the Spanish invaded their privacy, they moved their Headquarters to the Egypt we know today?

I ask you now, do Black Lives Matter?

The Two Paths

There have been two paths for Humanity and most of the world followed the one path - the path of Perversion known as the Proto-Orthodox Christian Path.

However, there has been another path.

The Path of Sophia, the path of truth.

Let’s look at a few of them:

  • There has been a 3600 year old text, commonly known as the Kolbrin Bible, that has provided divine insights.
  • In 1773, the Askew Codex was purchased by the British Museum.
  • In 1945, the Nag Hammadi Library was found by a local farmer.
  • In 1946, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found by Bedouin Shepherds.

There’s a reason black people are protesting in the city streets and fighting for equality.

The Sacred Feminine, Sophia, has returned to the world and she wishes to return Humanity to our Original and Cultural Heritage.


As a Symbolist, I can see the signs.

They have been written on the walls of pyramids and inside of sacred texts.

Today, I ask that you look around you, survey the world, weigh the conversations.

Patriarchy has devastated the world for too long and now, we have a chance to end the Perversion and return to Original Truth.

I ask you, Grail Seekers, to kneel before Great Sophia and ask the Great Invisible Spirit for its consent as we adorn ourselves in WISDOM.

In fitting tribute, check out the video (in the Header) addressing this insight as we kneel as Knights before TRUTH.

  • The Holy Grail Beneath Ancient Rosyln waits
  • Adorned in the Master’s Loving Arms, She Lies
  • The Blade and Chalice, guarding all her Gates
  • She rests at last, beneath Starry Skies
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