The Initial Stimulus Package

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Today’s lecture will cover the initial stimulus package, which was an INCREDIBLE TRICK, that led us to this Modern-Day Pandemic.

A better way to phrase this would be to call it the “LATEST” Pandemic.

This lecture will touch on the previous ones, but the main focus today is the Initial “DECISION” that led to our current day Pandemic.


Our current pandemic can be traced down to one thing.


We can hide behind all the Spiritual Concepts, Religious Last-Day Doctrines, Conspiracy Theories, or simple Debates.

It comes down to one thing and ONE THING ONLY.


I know it sounds simple.

It is, but it isn’t.

To ensure I make sense, I’m leaving this world of “ENGLISH” and we’re going QUANTUM!

What is Responsibility?

Ever asked this question?

What does Responsibility look like?

I have asked it many times and, after several iterations, this is what I’ve come to know.

What is Morality?

Morality is defined as “the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct, virtuous conduct.”

There’s a problem with that definition.

Does that help you “UNDERSTAND” what it means?

We must accept that Morality is one of those terms that must be “Sequestered” so that we can gain a full understanding.

First, Morality is defined as “being in accord.”

Next, Morality is regulated by “standards.”

Finally, Morality is established by “Virtuous Conduct.”

Now, let’s tackle these pieces one-by-one to have a complete understanding of Morality.

Part 1 - Being in Accord

This is an easy piece.

Just like a Story, we define our “Moral Premise” for our life.

In our world, this “Premise” was established in Ancient Egypt and was personified as “Ma’at,” which is better known as The Sacred Feminine.

According to Current understanding of the Hieroglyphics, Ma’at is defined as “Order, Truth, Beauty, Organic, and Holistic.”

All of these words boil down to one thing - Rightful Action.

And Rightful Action boils down to one thing for Humanity - Rightful Behavior.

So we know that Part one is about Rightful Behavior.

Got it?

Now, let’s move on.

Part 2 - Standards

This is a bit more difficult, but not insurmountable.

I know, I know.

How in the WORLD do we find the “Standards?”

And what does that even mean?

Hmmm, let’s change the Metaphor a bit so it will make sense to you.

In a Story, a Character (YOU) must choose between her two options (Virtue and Vice).

On One side, you have ORDER (Living in Accordance with Nature).

On the other side, you have CHAOS (Living above Nature, commonly called EGO).

In your life, you will encounter dilemmas daily and you are given two options.

Do you choose Virtue or Vice?

When you choose Vice, you get an easy-out clause and possibly, a short-term benefit.

However, as we evolve, these short-term benefits push you down the wrong path and lead you astray.

When you choose Virtue, something miraculous happens!

The Universe steps in and voila - another option APPEARS and it is this option, with your RIGHTFUL BEHAVIOR, that allows you to triumph.

SIDE NOTE: When Joseph Campbell speaks about Magic and Doors Opening where there were none before, this is the same concept.

Part 3 - Virtuous Conduct

This is the final piece that locks all three together.

First, you understand Rightful Behavior and you did “what you were supposed to do.”

Next, you made the “right” decisions over time and now, it has chiseled your “CHARACTER” into place.

Now, we take these two concepts to the next level.

During all the trials and problems and issues you faced, you still managed to make the “right” decision and come out on top.

Why aren’t you smiling?

This is a trick by the Universe.

You have NOT been Good in Vain.

My friend, you have been taking Heroic Journeys!

Each dilemma, no matter how small, is a journey unto itself.

And as you made each “right” choice, you went to the next level and the next level.

After going through these cycles of Heroic Journeys, you have chiseled your character into a substance stronger than “ADAMANTIUM.” (for all you Marvel Universe Fans!)

With this “ARMOR OF GOD,” you are now ready to take your life to the next level.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but that’s all a HEROINE is.

Someone who was put under DURESS for a certain time and she CHOSE to do the RIGHT THING and not take the easy way out.

Make sense?

Now, let’s go back to the Stimulus Package.

The Initial Stimulus Package

In Ancient Times, the Heroic Journeys were won because those Heroines had one Mantra.

I have not.

With this Mantra, they recited it to themselves and faced all DANGERS using this “CODE” and it allowed them to triumph seemingly insurmountable trials, tribulations, and dangers.

Around six thousand years ago, a group of Barbarians started a global conquest and after conquering each piece of the world, they changed the Mantra from “I HAVE NOT” to “THOU SHALL NOT.”

For those who don’t know, this is the first instance (on this Planet) of someone “blaming someone else.”

Today, we call this “finger pointing” or “brown nosing.”

Now that the old Mantra was gone, people were free to follow their EGOS and do whatever they wanted, no matter the cost or the impact.

This change, from the Old Mantra to the New Foolishness, was detrimental for several reasons:

  • Stopped the Need for the Heroic Journey
  • Moved People’s Focus from within to Without
  • Changed Cultural Value from Fulfillment to Finance
  • Decimated Arts/Crafts and replaced it with Business, Commerce, and Industry
  • Ended Introverted Behavior (Self-Fulfillment) to Extroversion (Ceaseless Talking and Wasting other people’s time for one’s own Greed)

The Polls are in

With this change in the Mantra, several questions came into existence and these led to the Destruction of our Planet.

In no particular order, they are listed below:

  • Why should I take Heroic Journeys when other people can do it for me?
  • Why should I trade at the same price as other people?
  • Why should I work when other people can do it better than I can?
  • Why should I develop my skill set when I can trick others to work for me?
  • Why can’t I control and influence other people?
  • Why can’t I control and rule the WHOLE WORLD?

Question 1

  • Why should I take Heroic Journeys when other people can do it for me?
  • This question replaced responsibility with Personal Power.

Question 2

  • Why should I trade at the same price as other people?
  • This question replaced COMMUNITY with TYRANNY.

Question 3

  • Why should I work when other people can do it better than I can?
  • This question led to ENSLAVING OTHER PEOPLE.

Question 4

  • Why should I develop my skill set when I can trick others to work for me?
  • This question led to Managers, Presidents, Corporations, Governments, and Central Banks.

Question 5

  • Why can’t I control and influence other people?
  • This question led to DARK MAGIC, Pedophilia, Sodomy, and other Perversions.

Question 6

  • Why can’t I control and rule the WHOLE WORLD?
  • This question led to the concept of Chaos, the concept of Evil, Patriarchy, Linear Time, The New World Order, Christianity, Evangelism, Missionary Work, The Holy Bible, The Holy Trinity, the Council of Nicaea, The Holy Crusades, Pandemics, Sickness, Disease, Cancer, Chemtrails, Remote Viewing, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Fake News, Racism, Prejudice, Religion, and thousands of other Maladies affecting this planet.


It may seem like a small thing, but the decision to leave the Old Mantra is what ultimately led to our current day Pandemic.

Don’t be dismayed, this is just one pandemic, there will be many more after this one.

And for those who think this is the First Pandemic, go back and do your research.

What are the following events:

  • Romantic Era
  • Rise of Greek Empire
  • Rise of Roman Empire
  • Rise of Orthodox Christianity
  • The American Massacres (thousands across the US)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Black Friday
  • Reign of Hitler and Nazi Germany (Idea of Aryan Nation)
  • The Holy Crusades
  • The Salem Witch Trials
  • Columbus arriving to America
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Civil War
  • Manifest Destiny
  • American Slavery
  • The Modern-Day
  • Black Wall Street Massacre
  • Rodney King Beating
  • Trayvon Martin Murder
  • Black Lives Matter Global Protests

If you slow down and take a look, you’ll notice one common denominator.

Throughout these Pandemics, the Victims have been the same.

Black People!!!!!

So, now it is our duty as Content Creators to TELL THE TRUTH.

This is a short history lesson, but now you have the information.

As you go through your life, dealing with life’s trials and tribulations, always be wary of taking the easy way out.

Ensure that you have the PROPER INFORMATION so you can make an informed decision.

When you fulfill the three pieces, you can consider yourself a HEROINE.

Are you in Accord?

Are you following the Proper Standards?

Are you practicing Virtuous Conduct?

With these three principles at work in your life, you are considered “HEROIC,” which simply means that you are a Moral and Upright Person.

So what does this have to do with Storytelling?

Here’s the secret behind studying History and Mythology.

Now that you know what it takes to be HEROIC, then you are the AUTHORITY when you start writing your stories.

You don’t have to go ask for help or anyone’s opinion.

You have taken HEROIC JOURNEYS and know what it takes to triumph.

Remember, the Hero has a Thousand Faces, so now it’s your turn to show yours.

What will your Face bring to the table?

How will your Face inspire others?

What new Myths and Ideas will your Face bring to the Marketplace?

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