Relationship between Creator and Content

#infographics #storytelling #visualcommunication Jun 04, 2022
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Evolved Minds discuss Myth; Great Minds discuss Ideas; Average Minds discuss Events; Small Minds discuss People.

- Overheard at a Writing Conference in Miami Florida


As Content Creators, we get confused about US and OUR CONTENT.

We often ask ourselves, am I doing this for ME or the GIG?

Don’t blame yourself, how could you possibly “SEE” something that is VIRTUALLY UNSEEN?

Today’s lecture will walk you through the Tiers of Creation using Mythology as our Foundation.

You ready?

Good, let’s go QUANTUM!

The Foundation

Before we begin, just know there’s one concept that lies below all realities, concepts, and universal laws.

Today, we call this word Beauty and it encompasses several things, but at their core, many concepts refer to BEAUTY.

Beauty is Harmony.

Beauty is Order.

How many times have we heard guys say, “Wow, I just love the way she’s built (put together)?”


Using Myth, we see that our “reality” is composed of Four Tiers:

  • Myth
  • Ideas
  • Events
  • People

As our Maxim, we can take that model and build our “Creative World” upon its roots.

As shown below, we can see that it has Four Tiers:

  • Creation
  • Ideology
  • Expression
  • Aesthetics

Put into Practice

As Creators, we are focused on Creation and Expression.

The Content is focused on Ideology and Aesthetics.

It is the mixture of these two that create the wonderful “Beauty” that has inspired Humanity since its inception billions of years ago.

With this insight, you have a foundation on where to push your creativity, imagination, and association.

Having problems with your Story’s Concept?

Go deeper into your Content and brainstorm with ideas.

Having problems with your Story’s Characters?

Brainstorm and splice your ideas from Ideology and Aesthetics, I promise you’ll find several solutions.

Wonder why you write so well at lunch on Thursdays?

Go back to the chart and see that something “triggers” a charge within you (Creation and Expression).

Daydream about your life during the week and you’ll receive your solution.

Make sense?


What a great ride!

What did you think?

I am so excited to share these ideas with you as you take your journey and creating your “Definitive Work” that will inspire others around you and after you.

Extra Credit

Before you leave class, I’ll point your attention to the Board.

Look at the Infographic and as you peer over the Content, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the connection between Creation and the Spiritual World?
  • What is the connection between Ideology and the Mental World?
  • What is the connection between Expression and the Emotional World?
  • What is the connection between Aesthetics and the Physical World?
  • Is Beauty REALLY the Foundation of our Reality?
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