Finale vs. Climax

#content #culture #storytelling Jul 01, 2022
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If you've read any books on writing, regardless of the industry (Screenwriting, Novel Writing, Short Story Writing, etc.), then you've heard this term.


We all know what it means:

  • The Final Battle
  • The Last Stand

But the problem with this beat is our misunderstanding of what it means.

The Climax is an extended beat, not a Sequence.

This is the most important point that must be emphasized.

The Climax is an extended beat, not a Sequence.

It’s PART of a Sequence.

How Tradition works

Because of a Patriarchal enslavement of society, the term Climax has dominated much of our literature.

But that's okay, we're moving past that trash right now.

This is a subjective term, if you don't like it, use another one.

Remember, the words you use to describe your Story Blocks and your Story Design will affect your psyche.

Does Climax work for you?



The Apex.

This is what your story has been building up to.

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Let's get it right and state it simply.

The Climax is the Final Battle between Protagonist and Antagonist, that's it.

Make sense?

Why Climax is weak

This is weak because it forces you to build your story to this SCENE instead of focusing on the SEQUENCE.

When you write your stories using Sequences, it provides a deeper balance and an incredible rhythm, a soothing melody for your Story Design.

By focusing only on Climax, you take yourself from using Sequences and writing for Scenes.

Counter Argument

But the problem is that in your Story Design MB, you show the purpose of organization is writing scenes, isn't that right?

This is true, but you do not initially work on scenes, you work on sequences.

By putting scenes in sequences, you understand where everything goes.

When you write your stories focusing on the Climax, you skip the sequences and as a result, you may get lost….

I always ask, is it worth the risk of making your story malnutritious?


Now, we're getting to the good stuff.

The Finale.

Stretch out your arms and release, you're in the right place.

Now, when we look at Climax in its Sequence, we now understand its purpose and its place.

Think about this, by shuffling around the Climax with the other scenes in the Finale, you may even find a better way of Story Design.

Why Finale works

This benefit alone is worth using the Finale Approach instead of writing for the Climax.

And guess what, it's just like Life.

The one person you thought you loved (Climax), what if you discover that another scene is your soulmate?

Don't run from this, deal with it.

You've written yourself and boxed yourself in to the Climax and now you realize, it's not the right scene!

Don't you hate it when that happens?


It's not hard, just more efficient.

Instead of writing for a Scene, write for a Sequence.


Use it and watch your Story Design get sexier!

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