Do All Lives Matter?

#culture #infographics #pov #storytelling #visualcommunication Jun 22, 2022
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With Visual Learning, there’s no need to argue, debate, engage, banter, or engage in what ifs or “philosophical” exercises.

When these circumstances arrive, you simply use one of the Four VL (Visual Learning) Tools:

  • Conceptual Thought
  • Visualizing and Sequencing
  • The Moral Premise
  • POV (Point of View)

In this blog, I’ll discuss the Quantum View (Visual Learning) and I’ll tackle the others in other blogs.

A Modern Example

This is my term for the essential power of Visual Learning.

Let’s tackle an easy subject.

Is All Lives Matter Disrespectful?

Trust me, this subject is going to bring heat from all sides and heightened emotions only found at MMA Competitions.

However, since we are Visual Learners, we’ll use the simple step method to seek the truth.

We have two ways to do this - we can up/down or we can go left/right.

I think the easiest way to do this would be left/right, so as I access another industry, I remember a term we had in the early days of Hip Hop.

It was slang and it was simply called “DISS,” and it was short for many things, but in this instance, we’ll focus on disrespect.

In this case, we know the “DISS” comes from WITHOUT and the disrespect is felt WITHIN.

Let’s start here.

Now my friends, let’s go QUANTUM!

Quantum View

Is the Phrase, All Lives Matter, disrespectful against Blacks?

You can quote issues, incidents, and even try a timeline, but guess what, there’s going to be SILENCE.

But that’s okay, that’s how they operate.

Since we are in Quantum View, let’s take a look at the history of Black Lives Matter.

Below, we can see Blacks have been chanting Black Lives Matter since 525 BC, but as you are aware, this has been a Global Situation going back to the Beginning of this Planet.

In Quantum View, we no longer argue or debate, we present the timeline and the information for the Viewer.

Browse the Infographic below and I’ll ask you, is the phrase ALL LIVES MATTER Disrespectful?


If you look closely, notice that Blacks have been TALKING for a long time.

In Conjunction, since there has been talking, there has been SILENCE.

Now that there is ACTION in 2020, there is finally a RESPONSE from the SILENCE and rather than apologizing, attempting to help, attempting to seek solutions, or just attempting to BEGIN TO ADDRESS what’s happening, they have one response.


As a result, we will invoke SILENCE to such foolishness.

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