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Posted September 25, 2017Comments are off | Movies

The Mother of Modern Science Fiction

Do you know the name Sophia Stewart?

If not, then you’ve heard the whispers about a lawsuit existing about the Matrix.

That’s right, that’s right, that’s the one.

The one rumor.Are you kidding me, come on, be serious. . .

You seriously think a black woman wrote The Matrix?

Well, let’s stop fighting and go back through time and think about this.

All early Sci-Fi was dominated by men and like the masculine brain – their ideas of sci-fi were endowed with feelings of helplessness, evil, and ripe with dark and negative meanings.I’m going to give you a few minutes. . .

Cool, now let’s go through the bigger movies:

  • 1960 – Village of the Damned
  • 1964 – The Last Man on Earth
  • 1965 – Planet of the Vampires
  • 1968 – Planet of the Apes
  • 1971 – The Andromeda Strain
  • 1973 – Soylent Green
  • 1973 – Westworld
  • 1974 – Zardoz
  • 1977 – Star Wars
  • 1977 – Demon Seed
  • 1978 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • 1979 – Mad Max
  • 1979 – Alien

Now, go back through that list — do you see the common theme?

The core idea of science fiction is how technology affects humanity.

With such a wide range, why did these writers choose to write of such depressing futures?

They chose different, but whether it was vampires, aliens, deadly plagues, androids, or demons, these writers envisioned a bleak future, where mankind would be wiped out or facing their annihilation.

Isn’t that sad?

All of the ideas were negative and masculine – very masculine!

But when the 80s appears, there is a sudden shift of focus for the future.It heralds a new era of science fiction, an era where humanity has a positive outlook and has more courageous and evolved outlook on our future.

So you ask, what happened?

What marked the difference between those old sci-fi ideas and the newer ones?

It was one book and it was called The Third Eye.

It was written by Sophia Stewart and it changed EVERYTHING.

It changed the sci-fi genre.

It changed how we view the good guys.It evolved and made humanity’s future an ascension.

If you need to see what this looks like, see below.

Now when you go back and browse the web for Sophia Stewart, you’ll stop limiting her to being called The Mother of The Matrix.She’s much more than that.

It’s a good frame of mind to call her the Mother of Modern Science Fiction.

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