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Posted September 30, 2017Comments are off | Assets, ideas, metaphor

Is your Idea wearing the wrong dress?

Have there been innovations in thought?

Can we argue that infographics, Mind Maps, Goalscaping, Charts, and Diagrams are “innovative” ways of thinking?

Can we argue these are better ways of digesting data and content?

And a better question is – should we debate these issues?

It’s obvious the advent of Publishing was an innovation, but a deeper question is – for who?

Many hail the ability to print books as a revolution, but it can also be said the process in place before then was working.

If not for thousands, then for millions of years.

Before the book revolution, people built pyramids, great walls, architectural achievements we still don’t understand today, and transversed the universe, not just this planet.

Something was going on and it was great for humanity.

But now, books have helped many to scale the ladder of success, but at what expense?

Books are wonderful packages in and of themselves, but they don’t scale well with other books. In my youth, I spent all my time and money at the bookstore, reading every book I could find about Novel Writing and Screenwriting. Ask anyone who has done this and they will tell you – what you’re seeking is never contained in one book.

So that leads us to question – not just how, but WHY?

Why have we allowed tech to evolve, but not how we consume information?

Let’s move on.

You’re gonna hear all these revolutions taking place.

  • Infographics
  • Data Visualization
  • Process Mapping
  • Project Management

But we’re looking at the wrong thing, more appropriately, looking at them IN THE WRONG WAY.

By using text, we force the reader to drill down and care about the words, no matter how brilliantly they are written or the emotions they evoke.

It’s still TEXT.

However, when we step back and take the same information and visualize it, something magical happens.

The reader consumes the information and suddenly, it makes sense.


I got it, I finally got it!

These are what people call the WOW effect and it’s simple.

The future of content will be its DESIGN, not its delivery.

Instead of asking WHAT will we deliver, we should be asking, HOW will we deliver?

For example, a newbie has an incredible idea for a Novel and they rush off to write it and then it falters on page 126.

Too short for a novel, too big a concept for a Novella, too off-basis for a collection of short stories.

The writer rushes to the experts and yell, “help me, help me, I’m in trouble!”

The experts yell back, “It’s YOUR fault, you have a weak second act.”

But I disagree.

If everyone stopped looking at the text and looked at the original idea/concept, it would be easy to spot the problem.

This idea has on the wrong Clothes!

That’s right, your problems with content delivery are FASHION-based.

Once the writer realizes the issue, she can take the concept and turn it into a blog, a journal entry, an infographic, a mind map, a process map, or something we haven’t discovered yet.

Now, when the clothing fits the idea, the wave of media frenzy takes off and the writer is happy.

We’re living in a new world, so the old ideas don’t work anymore.

We gotta get rid of that old stuff.

The most powerful thing in the world is an idea whose time has come.



The most powerful thing in the world is an idea expressed so perfectly that it conveys information, evokes emotions, and resonates with its audience.

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