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I am being hounded by one of my oldest friends about finishing up my latest EP Neteru.

This EP has been sitting “on the shelf” since 2015 and I think it’s time to get this bad boy locked and loaded and out the door.

A new business acquaintance has expressed interest in using my music in her new Health and Wellness Series – aimed at the New Age and Spiritual Audiences.

If you’d like to hear what my EP sounds like before the finalized mix, I have the “Original and Raw” files at the link below.




Many of you have expressed interest in my Scripts and most of the responses are the same – What happened MB?

Well, I have a few scripts sitting in the “bin,” but I had to find software to help me get back into it.

Good News

The Good News is that a Franchise that I co-created with a new business partner has been making rounds and a little buzz has been sparked.

There has been interest from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and even Ryan Coogler.

We are currently wrapping up the paperwork and will be making several pitches to other indie Investors for the rest of the year.

Wish me luck! 

Bad News

The Bad News is that I’ve been racking my brain over software and apps to help with my writing, and as you know, it’s been a B#@#!!!

And like all old skool folks, I have a cliche Fairytale about WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.

When I started screenwriting back in the early 2000s, there was this magical screenwriting app called Sophocles. It was windows-only, but it was unbelievably far ahead of everyone else and when they dropped Sophocles 2007 beta, they were seriously Hooping! They instituted the concept of writing a script as two parts (Step Outline, Script). They viewed developing a story as a collection of steps and these steps had two orders (chronological and presentation). So you could write your story as steps in the step outline as it actually happened, but then you revealed these steps in dramatic fashion in the script (presentation order).

It addressed visualizations, diagrams, histograms, graphs, acts, sequences, and other necessary ingredients for story development. On top of all this, it also incorporated scheduling and budgeting and reporting – OMG – this was the greatest screenwriting software of all time!

It had breakdown sheets, resource lists, story threads, steps, script notes – stop there, it had EVERYTHING!

And they had a powerful algorithm back then, it was able to plot out a diagram of your Characters and you could visually see how characters related to each other. Below is a screenshot of that wonderful feature that NO OTHER SOFTWARE has been able to duplicate.

Unfortunately and mysteriously, on March 21 2008, Sophocles’ website was shut down and its creator could not be reached for comment.

MS Word, Pages, and MS Word are horrible, no need to discuss here.

Mind Mapping is great for Non-Fiction Books and I am seriously considering installing Boot Camp just to use MindManager 2019 – that thang is a BEAST right now! However, MM is not an ideal tool for the plotting complexity for a screenplay.

I tried iMindMap, not happening.

NovaMind had a screenwriting feature in its early days, but somehow, it disappeared from the public arena, not sure what happened.

I tried Scrivener, but it doesn’t sync in Box.

I tried SuperNoteCard, but it didn’t work. It’s incredible for developing stories, but not for writing them.

I tried Movie Outline through two versions and it’s wonderful in theory, but like the others, it has its flaws. They have utilized the Sophocles’ Mindset of using Steps to develop stories, but alas, it is FOCUSED on developing stories, not finishing them. They recently updated it to Script Studio and I emailed them for an extended trial and they blew me off. I apologize, but 30 days is NOT ENOUGH TIME to figure out if I’m going to use your product. We’re talking writing, not just books and scripts, what about blogs, white papers, case studies, love letters, or an innovative sci-fi themed magical realism story released to the audience as an epic epistolary memoir?

I tried Save The Cat Version 3 and it’s wonderful for development, but not for writing. For anyone who loves the STC Universe, this would be PERFECT for you!

I tried Dabble Writer, that didn’t work. However, their approach to plotting is ON POINT and when it gets finalized, I’m sure Jacob Wright will be excited. Keep your eyes on this one, it will break out soon!

I tried Gingko, another no go. Their approach is innovative, but many will view this as a writing app for scientific papers and reports and essays, not really for creative writing. I know, I know, they have videos and examples, but come on – you know how people are.

I tried the Hart Chart, way too limited with no export features.

I tried WriterDuet, an incredible and seamless scriptwriting and revision, but no development features.

I tried the Amazon online story app, guess what, any story ideas you develop using THEIR app, they can take your ideas and steal them for their own. Unfortunately, many DO NOT read the small print.

I tried the Adobe screenwriting app, no need to list the issues – just NO. Last I heard, it was discontinued.

I tried Celtx, great in theory for an overall production, horrible for writing. However, the index card feature was sleek, but they are not interested in screenwriting, only in making movies. If you’re scratching your heads, so am I. One of my business associates worked there and attempted to innovate Celtx to branch out into other customers and their arrogance forced him to leave.

I trialed Storyist, another no go.

I am aware of Contour and Jeff and I have spoken over the years, I actually was a fan of his back when he created the Totally Write System on an older database platform. I just went to their site and saw they have Contour Version 2, I hope this brings this app up to professional standards. Like the others, this is for development, not for writing.

Finally, I reached out to GoCreate, they claimed to be the ANSWER and they are still in beta after nearly a year and since I left FB, I am not aware of when they’ll be finishing up.

I tried StoryShop and it was wonderful. Their ideas about Story Worlds, but again, the workflow wasn’t there. They are currently updating their app to include a better beat sheet, but they’re not there yet. 

So what did I choose?

Believe it or not, I am totally cliche.

I settled on using Mind Maps, Fictionary, and Vellum.

Be safe and not SAF,


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