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Miquiel Banks Review of The Shape of Water goes to #1 on Amazon!

By March 25, 2018 Criticism, Movies, News, Storytelling

My review of the Shape of Water, the Oscar Winner, is gaining momentum on Amazon.

As of today, it is ranked #1 on Amazon!

This is a tremendous achievement and it’s my fourth time doing this.

I’d like to thank my strong support group, my beta team, and all the wonderful socialites that have pushed me to continue doing my movie breakdowns.


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From Movie Reviews to Movie Breakdowns

By March 3, 2018 Criticism, Movies

Good Evening People,

It has come to my attention that I am NOT doing Movie Reviews, I am doing the maximum possible – I am doing complete Movie Breakdowns!

It is also come to my attention that the in-depth and extensive work that I’m doing is not the type of work that is being given freely away.

Therefore, I am migrating all my movie breakdowns from LinkedIn and into small Movie Breakdown packages that will be sold on Amazon.

That’s right People, I’m going back to Amazon and return to my life as a Published Author!!!

Get Ready and Let me know your thoughts….

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What’s the difference between Idea and Identity?

By October 7, 2017 Criticism, Storytelling

We all know the scenario.

The conversation gets heated and someone spouts out the same ole adage.

There are two things we should never discuss, Religion and Politics.

Now tell me, where does this “fake wisdom” come from?

How can we be technologically progressive, but ethically and morally primitive?

Who gave us permission to be morally immature?

Who made this acceptable?

Now I want to know, is this acceptable to you?

What if you could bypass the religion and politics argument?

That’s right, bypass it altogether.

And yes, there’s a catch.

The catch is that we must establish some standards.

The first standard is – TRUTH is what truly matters.

The second standard is – IDEAS and IDENTITY are not the same.

Let’s tackle the truth issue.

The allure of TRUTH is soul-stirring, but its capture is quite elusive.

Hold on, not quite – make that VERY elusive.

But that’s our world today, the ancients didn’t have these problems.

They based their conclusions on Sacred Geometry, Astral Theology, Astrology, Mathematics, The Hero’s Journey,
The Torus, Scientific Ethics, Ma’at, Vortices, Metaphysics, and the Fibonacci Sequence.


When all of these systems AGREE on something – it is TRUE.

When any system DISAGREES – it is NOT TRUE.

Therefore, TRUTH is not an arbitrary or absolute thing, it is the cumulative agreement of several disciplines.


And with such a rigorous system in place, it makes little sense to even entertain THEORIES.

Remember, the concept of Theory wouldn’t make sense to the ancients.

Theory means I believe it’s true.

They would laugh and respond, something is TRUE or NOT TRUE, it can’t be ALMOST or PARTIALLY TRUE.

At best, we should call theories PRACTICE.

At worst, we should call them OPINION.

Now that wraps up TRUTH, let’s move on to ideas and identity.

Our world today is so GRAY there’s no longer black and white.

That’s our problem.

We’ve divorced ourselves from true and untrue and reside in the world of what we THINK is true or what we opine is true.

And it’s a simple fix.

KEY POINT – We refuse to DIVORCE ourselves from ideas because we seek IMMORTALITY.

Some deduce if they can’t live forever, they can EXIST in the minds of people forever through their IDEAS.

And it isn’t a long jump from mixing their identities with their ideas to create an EMOTIONAL SIGNATURE (ES).

With ES, they’re able to go on and on and argue and debate their lives away, for no apparent reason.

When someone attacks an idea, they are attacking THEM.

Why does this CONCEPT even exist?

It has two options.

Either their EGOS are out of control or they can’t ascertain the edge of an idea’s existence.

Either way, their IDEAS and their IDENTITY are not the same.

When someone attacks Christianity, a Christian retaliates.

But why?

Why does the Christian feel the need to respond?

The person has given an opinion about the IDEA of Christianity, not this particular Christian’s way of life.

If we look deeper, we can argue the Christian’s EGO is so BIG that he is NOT speaking for himself, but for all of

Is this true?

Up to this point, we can argue this blog has been a THEORY.

Let’s try to visualize this and make it TRUTH.

Here’s an idea.

Here’s an identity.

When ideas live inside the identity, this is a NORMAL person.

When the identity lives inside an idea, this is an ABNORMAL person.

And when a person has MULTIPLE governing ideas, please watch out!


And this behavior is very powerful and socially-driven in areas where the GROUP is more important than the

Not just peer pressure, but PIER pressure.

Pier pressure is the kind that gives an ultimatum.

Either you accept this or you’re kicked out of the group.

We do this and if you do that, then you’ll be excommunicated.

Does this sound like someone we know?

When we migrate from differentiating between ideas and identity, we’ll be on the road to better conversations and better societies.

With better communication, our understanding of one another accelerates.

And instead of technological progress, we experience moral and ethical progress.


How does that sound?


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Is your Idea wearing the wrong dress?

By September 30, 2017 Criticism, Storytelling

Have there been innovations in thought?

Can we argue that infographics, Mind Maps, Goalscaping, Charts, and Diagrams are “innovative” ways of thinking?

Can we argue these are better ways of digesting data and content?

And a better question is – should we debate these issues?

It’s obvious the advent of Publishing was an innovation, but a deeper question is – for who?

Many hail the ability to print books as a revolution, but it can also be said the process in place before then was working.

If not for thousands, then for millions of years.

Before the book revolution, people built pyramids, great walls, architectural achievements we still don’t understand today, and transversed the universe, not just this planet.

Something was going on and it was great for humanity.

But now, books have helped many to scale the ladder of success, but at what expense?

Books are wonderful packages in and of themselves, but they don’t scale well with other books. In my youth, I spent all my time and money at the bookstore, reading every book I could find about Novel Writing and Screenwriting. Ask anyone who has done this and they will tell you – what you’re seeking is never contained in one book.

So that leads us to question – not just how, but WHY?

Why have we allowed tech to evolve, but not how we consume information?

Let’s move on.

You’re gonna hear all these revolutions taking place.

  • Infographics
  • Data Visualization
  • Process Mapping
  • Project Management

But we’re looking at the wrong thing, more appropriately, looking at them IN THE WRONG WAY.

By using text, we force the reader to drill down and care about the words, no matter how brilliantly they are written or the emotions they evoke.

It’s still TEXT.

However, when we step back and take the same information and visualize it, something magical happens.

The reader consumes the information and suddenly, it makes sense.


I got it, I finally got it!

These are what people call the WOW effect and it’s simple.

The future of content will be its DESIGN, not its delivery.

Instead of asking WHAT will we deliver, we should be asking, HOW will we deliver?

For example, a newbie has an incredible idea for a Novel and they rush off to write it and then it falters on page 126.

Too short for a novel, too big a concept for a Novella, too off-basis for a collection of short stories.

The writer rushes to the experts and yell, “help me, help me, I’m in trouble!”

The experts yell back, “It’s YOUR fault, you have a weak second act.”

But I disagree.

If everyone stopped looking at the text and looked at the original idea/concept, it would be easy to spot the problem.

This idea has on the wrong Clothes!

That’s right, your problems with content delivery are FASHION-based.

Once the writer realizes the issue, she can take the concept and turn it into a blog, a journal entry, an infographic, a mind map, a process map, or something we haven’t discovered yet.

Now, when the clothing fits the idea, the wave of media frenzy takes off and the writer is happy.

We’re living in a new world, so the old ideas don’t work anymore.

We gotta get rid of that old stuff.

The most powerful thing in the world is an idea whose time has come.



The most powerful thing in the world is an idea expressed so perfectly that it conveys information, evokes emotions, and resonates with its audience.

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This is my life – A Tech Writer after Hurricane Irma

By September 27, 2017 Assets, Blogging, Criticism

This is my life.

I get up, go to work, and solve problems.

Most of the problems are documents, procedures, and processes.

But today, this is a new challenge.

Today, I have to help my co-worker.

Driving through the scraps of trees and branches scattered on the street, in lawns, and in gutters, the path to work is a labyrinth of fearful fathers, angry mothers, and desperate college kids.

Between the ragged textures and rain-stained windshield, I find relief by tuning into 104.7.

As Q105 plays another song by Journey, I wonder how faithful things would work out today.

Would Cindy finally stop worrying about her son and accept God will step in and help?

I park and plop down on my desk and listen to my messages.

TECO needs this information for the power outages off Gandy.

VERIZON is down in Temple Terrace, Egypt Lake, Channelside, Westchase, and Carrollwood.

Our intranet is down.

Our sharepoint is down.

I go to my desk and go over the details.

I smile and repeat my mantra for the day.

This is my life.

I pull out my phone and browse my emails and Cindy knocks on my door, “Come on Miggy, we got a meeting in five.”

As we walk, Cindy’s conversation races from Project Milestones, the hiccups, and just how far behind the hurricane put us.

The more she talks, I realize she’s not concerned about work, she’s concerned about her son.

“How is your son doing?”

“I’m not sure, we lost contact after we had that big argument and now, he’s not returning my calls.”

Her eyes water a bit and I slow down and point at the water fountain, “you remember when he pushed the button too hard and he messed up the floor and people were slipping on the water after the Town Hall?”

She forces a laugh, but she’s not doing well.

I push her back to work, “Don’t worry about the meeting today, I’ll do the minutes and give you a break.”

She said thanks and we walk into the meeting.

I grab my pen, sit beside Cindy, and the lights dim and the VP goes over the problems we have right now.

The biggest problems are customers with Home Insurance Claims, then the next batch are those with Auto Insurance Claims, and then the Property damage claims. She explains that FEMA gave her direction, but it’s not sufficient, and she sighs, “anyone got any great ideas?”

My hand shoots up, “I think that we should segment our teams against the first responders and piggyback off their lead and from there, we can match our workload against theirs and at least, have a better direction.”

She rubs her chin, her bane softly bounces, and she rubs her chin again, “Hmmm, you might have something there. Well, that’s all I have for today people and we’ll talk about this tomorrow, now go and help somebody.”

As we walk from the conference room, I explain to Cindy my plan.

“Cindy, I got this covered, you should take an early lunch and go find your son and let him know that you were not at him, but at work. It’s ironic though, isn’t it? We’re at work and you can’t stop thinking about him.”

“Miggy, I’m really not getting it why you volunteered our team for that huge workload?”

“I got faith that things will work out.”

“Work out? Don’t you know we’ve got thousands of claims on our desk.”

“But you got one son, those claims will be there after lunch.”

“Ha ha ha ha, now you spitting out hallmark lines, I told you a thousand times, you should’ve been a copywriter.”

Cindy’s eyes dart behind me and I know what that means, the VP is approaching.

“Miggy and Cindy, ha, you sound like a bad folk acoustic band! Just got off the phone with TECO, they need a rep from your team out in the field.”

“That wouldn’t happen to be off Gandy?”

“Wow Miggy, how did you know?”

“It just seemed like that’s where Cindy needs to go.”

As the VP walks away, Cindy pauses and sighs, “How freaky is that? What’s the chance of that happening? Now I gotta get my stuff and get outta here.”

I stop her, give her stuff and her eyes GROW like excited yeast in an oven. “Oh My God, you always remember to get my bag after the meeting, thanks and I’m outta here.”

“Before you leave, can we do a quick prayer, just to see if it works.”

“You know what, I’ve been meaning to go with you, but since you got me a break from here, I’ll try it now.”

I grab her hand and she holds mine, a bit tight.

I say a short prayer and as we finish, she looks at me and manages to smile. “I hope my son knows how much. . .”


She smiles, “who’s calling me this early?”

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her phone, “Oh My God, how weird is that, It’s him.”

“And I’ll bet that he’s off Gandy where the TECO people are.”

She holds up her finger and speaks and then eyes me with a mother’s WARMTH, “That’s really weird, he’s stuck in traffic by TECO. Wow, I don’t know what to say. I guess it’s time for me to come and worship with you.”

“Don’t worry about it, go hug your son and help TECO assess the damage off Henderson and Himes. Ha, you know what’s really funny, remember when we played darts at Pete’s Place and the lights went out.”

She smiles and shakes her head, “Thank you.”

As she walks away, I listen to her voice go up and down like the new ride at Busch Gardens and her happiness bounces off the walls as she disappears outside in the rain.

A mother’s warm smile and big heart is enough to burn away the blemishes of bad memories.

And Cindy’s is so BIG right now, I’m certain the rain will be nice and get out of her way.

I tune into Q105 and the Fray sing about how to save a life.

I don’t know what that feels like, but I do know I just helped a mom know that her life is going to be ok.

I lean back in my chair and smile.

This is my life.

And it’s a good one.

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Plot Infographic – Once Upon A Time (S03E08)

By September 25, 2017 Assets, Blogging, Criticism, Storytelling

Once upon a Time is a powerful TV show based around a simple wish – what if fairytales were real?

Armed with this power, it pushes the viewer to accept things that make no sense elsewhere:

  • What if Peter Pan was the bad guy?
  • What if magic existed here, but we just didn’t know?
  • What if fairytales are not mythic, but based on actual events?

This infographic captures the power of a deep episode entitled “Think Lovely Thoughts.”

Now, look at again at this powerful infographic that captures the essence of what made this episode so powerful and enlightening.

It has three plot lines:

  • Story A – Stopping Pan
  • Story B – Young Rumpel
  • Story C – Saving Prince Charming

The beauty lies in the mixture of the first two plot lines, Stopping Pan and Young Rumpel, and this is where OUAT shines most.

It has the power of using flashbacks to not only enlighten the present, it uses them to also characterize the motivation for certain characters and their behavior.

In the hands of less skilled storytellers, this flashback would be a contrived and detrimental to the story’s progress, but in the world of fairytales, it colors the plot with a magical potpourri hard to capture in today’s fast-paced world of storytelling.

All we can do is peep and say – Job Well Done.

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What you know about an ATL Talent Show?

By September 25, 2017 Blogging, Criticism, Music, Storytelling

Atlanta Georgia (Early 1980s)

The Southern United States

Within the confines of Hip Hop’s dance scene, three branches appear to accommodate the flames of passion:

  • Breaking
  • Popping
  • Yeeking

And here we are again, scratching our heads.We know about breaking and popping.

Come on now, we saw Beat Street, Breaking, and The Last Dragon.But we have to ask again.

Just to be clear.

What the hell is Yeeking?

And what the hell does it have to do with Crunk?

Perhaps the answers can be found in a wooden stage in the SWATS, on a quiet and serene street called Mt. Gilead.

D.M.Therrell High School Talent Show

A Precursor to Reality Shows like American Idol, the event known as the Talent Show is a huge event for the American teenager.

However, in Atlanta, the Talent Show is on steroids!

Tonight, in the historic gym of Therrell High School, a monumental event is about to take place.

As the parking lot fills with cars and teens get off the MARTA buses and rush to get a good seat, the energy soars through the air.

Izod shirts, Sebago shoes, Guess jeans, and Legwarmers crowd into an old and worn-down Gymnasium.

As the host walks to the stage, the frenzied teenagers yell and scream and shout.This is the night they’ve been waiting for.

There’s more than magic here.There’s power and energy and a presence.And it’s EVERYWHERE!

And suddenly, the host speaks, “Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special treat here on this stage and I promise, you will not be disappointed. For the first time in the history of Atlanta talent shows, the top four groups from around the city will compete in one talent show. No longer do you have to call your buddies and bet your Friday pizzas and chocolate milk about who’s the best. Tonight, you’re going to find out.“

Loud shouting and cheering!

“That’s right, tonight, we’re giving you what you’ve been waiting for. Tonight, you are going to see the following acts on one stage:”

  • Your very own Kool-Aid and Raheem
  • Broken Arms and Crooked Legs
  • Hot Gritz and No Eggz
  • and a new kid on the block – the infamous FDC!

Incredibly loud shouting and cheering from the crowd!

And with no further ado, let’s bring out the renowned Hot Gritz and No Eggz.

There it is.

The frenzy, the hypnotic trance!

The teens behind us scream and kick the back of our seats and we listen.

Shawdy, this is what I’ve waiting for!

This is going to be AWESOME shawdy!

I told Black and Junebug they should’ve come, they missed out, this is the best talent show of all times!

Of all times!

Of all times!

Yeah shawdy!

SSssssshhh, here they come!

And silence.

Not your typical silence, but a new kind of silence, a dramatic silence.

The kind of silence before you light the stove to sizzle bacon.

The kind of silence before the flames explode from the Space Shuttle.

The kind of silence before a Nuclear Bomb explodes!!!

And the energy escalates with every performance.

The Hot Gritz performance is electrifying and intense.

Then, the Broken Arms gang entertains at a high level, totally intense,but a different feel.

And everybody is eating it up, we can’t get enough!

The only thing more intense than the energy in this place is the repeat button.

That’s right the repeat button.

Every ten seconds, from behind us, we hear the word shawdy.

Shawdy, shawdy, shawdy, shawdy, shawdy!

Oh God, put an end to our misery!

And just as we are sick to our stomachs and can’t deal with it anymore, a MASSIVE storm takes over the building and two rappers take to the stage.

And the beat is pulsing, pounding, engaging.

And one of them turns to the other one and they look out at the crowd and hold their mics in our direction.

And the crowd screams on cue.

Cause it’s AWESOME!

And the beat returns as each rapper delivers a powerful message about them being the greatest.

We’re caught off guard, we thought this was a dance-off because all the performers up to this point had been dancers.

But in our awestruck seats, we are entertained by two powerful personalities and we wonder what the future holds for them.

We look down and around, we don’t have any way of knowing.

We turn around to the teens, excuse me, can you tell me who was that on the stage?

Two girls giggle and laugh and murmur something under their breaths, then they respond.

That was Kool-Aid and Raheem, the greatest rappers in Atlanta shawdy!

Oh My God!Not Shawdy again!

Before we can respond, the lights flicker a few times and a heavy drum roll as a powerful beat escapes the speakers!

Finally a song we know!

As we groove in our seats, we eye the stage as a new group emerges and performs one of the most intriguing, intricate, and inspired routines we’ve seen.


We mean it, ever!

From the Freddy Krueger to the New York Smurf to the Prep, this new group is performing at a high and intense level.

The highest tonight!!!!

And we can’t take it, they got us.And we can’t sit, are you serious right now?

We get up and start dancing and moving and we’re unable to stop or slow down or even talk.

We leave our seats and follow the kids out into the walkway and against the balcony and in the aisle.

Wherever there’s room, we dance and dance and dance at a high pace.

For a few seconds, we look down at our arms and notice goose bumps.

On our arms!

On our legs!

They are all over our body!

But we can’t stop and well after the group leaves the stage, we are still dancing and grooving to Doug E Fresh’s The Show.

Boom! Boom! Oh My God!

And it engulfs us.

The beat, the dancing, the beatboxing, the lights!

And the teens surround us.

And push us to continue.

Every time we dance in a sequence, they chant.


And then we spin and bend down, close our eyes, and lose our minds.

Nothing is real.

Nothing exists.

There is light and darkness.

All in the same space.

There is no past or future.

There is ONLY NOW!

There is only music and our bodies.

In one harmony.



And when we stop, the frenzied twitching continues.

Our bodies still move.

They won’t stop twitching.

They want to go back.

From wherever we came from.

They want to remain in this frenzied state.

What is happening to us?

To me?

And one teenager taps me on my shoulder and smiles, “How does it feel to be so CRUNK shawdy?”

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ATL Hip Hop History – The Yeek Culture

By September 25, 2017 Blogging, Criticism, Music, Storytelling


Forget break dancing and all that other nonsense.

There is still one area that ATL is known for – that’s right – YEEK!

I don’t need to go interview anybody or ask for other opinions because I was there.I was there when it began.

This is known as The Founders Era.

Many people from ATL will recognize some of these names:

  • Hot Gritz, No Eggz
  • Broken Arms and Crooked Legs
  • FDC (Fresh Dance Crew)
  • The Stray Cat Preps
  • The Atlanta Dream Team


It’s hard to say how it began.

It wasn’t so much something that was made, but something that happened.

Back then, when people challenged each other, there wasn’t a word for it.

We didn’t talk about it, we didn’t question it, we didn’t overthink it.

We accepted it.


There was only three kinds of dancing back then:
Regular Dancing

That’s right, it was regular dancing to us, it’s what we grew up with.

It’s amazing, what was regular to us has become a global sensation.

Sorry, let me get back to my story.

Where was I, oh yeah, that’s right.

We accepted it and if someone wanted to talk about it, we tossed around dozens of names:

  • The Prep
  • The Snake
  • The Freddy Kreuger
  • The New York Smurf
  • The Wop

Those days are long gone, but they linger in my soul.

I can still feel the tension when the DJ drops Play at your Own Risk (Planet Patrol) and you step back and do the Prep hard as you can, damn near hurting your neck, and dancing so hard that you feel like you’re about to throw your back out!

As you get deeper into the dance, something strange happens.

No one makes any gestures, they huddle around you like an electrical fence shooting you with thousands of voltage, and then you hear their battle cry.



And from behind you, you hear females screaming in unison, “Do him Gwell!!!!!”

That’s what I remember and that’s what I know to be true.

And to honor that regal time in our past, I have an infographic detailing the beauty of this time.

With no further ado, I present to you, a history of YEEK Culture.

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The Mother of Modern Science Fiction

By September 25, 2017 Criticism, Movies, Storytelling

Do you know the name Sophia Stewart?

If not, then you’ve heard the whispers about a lawsuit existing about the Matrix.

That’s right, that’s right, that’s the one.

The one rumor.Are you kidding me, come on, be serious. . .

You seriously think a black woman wrote The Matrix?

Well, let’s stop fighting and go back through time and think about this.

All early Sci-Fi was dominated by men and like the masculine brain – their ideas of sci-fi were endowed with feelings of helplessness, evil, and ripe with dark and negative meanings.I’m going to give you a few minutes. . .

Cool, now let’s go through the bigger movies:

  • 1960 – Village of the Damned
  • 1964 – The Last Man on Earth
  • 1965 – Planet of the Vampires
  • 1968 – Planet of the Apes
  • 1971 – The Andromeda Strain
  • 1973 – Soylent Green
  • 1973 – Westworld
  • 1974 – Zardoz
  • 1977 – Star Wars
  • 1977 – Demon Seed
  • 1978 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • 1979 – Mad Max
  • 1979 – Alien

Now, go back through that list — do you see the common theme?

The core idea of science fiction is how technology affects humanity.

With such a wide range, why did these writers choose to write of such depressing futures?

They chose different, but whether it was vampires, aliens, deadly plagues, androids, or demons, these writers envisioned a bleak future, where mankind would be wiped out or facing their annihilation.

Isn’t that sad?

All of the ideas were negative and masculine – very masculine!

But when the 80s appears, there is a sudden shift of focus for the future.It heralds a new era of science fiction, an era where humanity has a positive outlook and has more courageous and evolved outlook on our future.

So you ask, what happened?

What marked the difference between those old sci-fi ideas and the newer ones?

It was one book and it was called The Third Eye.

It was written by Sophia Stewart and it changed EVERYTHING.

It changed the sci-fi genre.

It changed how we view the good guys.It evolved and made humanity’s future an ascension.

If you need to see what this looks like, see below.

Now when you go back and browse the web for Sophia Stewart, you’ll stop limiting her to being called The Mother of The Matrix.She’s much more than that.

It’s a good frame of mind to call her the Mother of Modern Science Fiction.

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Case Study – MasterWriter 3.0

By September 9, 2017 Assets, Criticism, News

Problems – What does MasterWriter do and why should a writer use it?

Situation – Using MasterWriter to write a long-form blog post.

Question – How would I use MasterWriter to help out writing a long-form blog post?


The Story

While debating about The Matrix, a wise person paused and asked me a powerful question, “What is more important, truth

or beauty?”

And for most people, the answer is always Beauty.

For those rare gems, the other answer is all that matters.


As I look deeper, I wonder, what if they are the same at their core?

What if Truth and Beauty are two different paths that lead to the same source?


With several writing apps available on the market, it’s hard to choose, but the more important question is WHEN you use a

writing app, not WHICH one you use.

And now it’s time to tackle a great one under the radar, one of my favorite apps aptly named Master Writer (MW).


The initial problem with MW is common to not only writers, but people in the Creative Side of the Brain.

Pushing off instinct, many creatives think they can dive into their writing projects headfirst and just start writing.

It is this issue, more than any other, that plagues most writers from finishing their works.

In this regard, using MW can be ironic because you can’t use it until you’re actually finished with your project.

So, let’s tackle a typical writing project and as we go through its lifecycle, we’ll know where MW fits into the writing cycle.

The initial problem of a Writing Project is simple.

How many steps does it take to get from initial idea to finishing product?

NOTE: When I say finished product, I don’t mean the actual product, but the finishing with the writing (often called Content

in the business world).

In this scenario, we?ll tackle writing a long-form blog post.


The Writing project is broken down into phases.

To make the blog easier to organize, I decided to use Control Writer to sketch out the frame of the blog post.

Each phase holds a different purpose and each of these phases will meld together into one seamless tapestry we’ll call

the Writing Project’s Final Draft.


The Phases are shown below:

  • Phase One – Universal Level
  • Phase Two – Fashion Level
  • Phase Three – Polish Level



Using MW at the polish level is an incredible adventure and takes your writing to a higher and more resonant level.

The options are staggering as shown below:

I highly suggest going over to their website (www.masterwriter.com) and reading their material, but it’s much easier to just read through my Case Study (see link below).


Case Study

Download the Case Study Document

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