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Posted September 9, 2017Comments are off | Case Studies

Case Study – MasterWriter 3.0

Problems – What does MasterWriter do and why should a writer use it?

Situation – Using MasterWriter to write a long-form blog post.

Question – How would I use MasterWriter to help out writing a long-form blog post?


The Story

While debating about The Matrix, a wise person paused and asked me a powerful question, “What is more important, truth

or beauty?”

And for most people, the answer is always Beauty.

For those rare gems, the other answer is all that matters.


As I look deeper, I wonder, what if they are the same at their core?

What if Truth and Beauty are two different paths that lead to the same source?


With several writing apps available on the market, it’s hard to choose, but the more important question is WHEN you use a

writing app, not WHICH one you use.

And now it’s time to tackle a great one under the radar, one of my favorite apps aptly named Master Writer (MW).


The initial problem with MW is common to not only writers, but people in the Creative Side of the Brain.

Pushing off instinct, many creatives think they can dive into their writing projects headfirst and just start writing.

It is this issue, more than any other, that plagues most writers from finishing their works.

In this regard, using MW can be ironic because you can’t use it until you’re actually finished with your project.

So, let’s tackle a typical writing project and as we go through its lifecycle, we’ll know where MW fits into the writing cycle.

The initial problem of a Writing Project is simple.

How many steps does it take to get from initial idea to finishing product?

NOTE: When I say finished product, I don’t mean the actual product, but the finishing with the writing (often called Content

in the business world).

In this scenario, we?ll tackle writing a long-form blog post.


The Writing project is broken down into phases.

To make the blog easier to organize, I decided to use Control Writer to sketch out the frame of the blog post.

Each phase holds a different purpose and each of these phases will meld together into one seamless tapestry we’ll call

the Writing Project’s Final Draft.


The Phases are shown below:

  • Phase One – Universal Level
  • Phase Two – Fashion Level
  • Phase Three – Polish Level



Using MW at the polish level is an incredible adventure and takes your writing to a higher and more resonant level.

The options are staggering as shown below:

I highly suggest going over to their website ( and reading their material, but it’s much easier to just read through my Case Study (see link below).


Case Study

Download the Case Study Document

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